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Slip Inn
Slip Inn
Valerian is a root extract that induces sleep and improves quality of sleep.
Slip Inn 1pack
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1pack × 10 caps $3.54$35.36+ Levitra 
1pack × 20 caps $2.6$52$18.72+ Viagra 
1pack × 30 caps $2.29$68.64$37.44+ Cialis 
1pack × 60 caps $1.98$118.56$93.6+ Levitra 
1pack × 90 caps $1.87$168.48$149.76+ Viagra 
1pack × 120 caps $1.82$218.4$205.92+ Cialis 
1pack × 180 caps $1.77$318.24$318.24+ Levitra 

Valerian does not cause a morning “hangover,” a side effect common to prescription sleeping medicines.It also reduces the break-down of the brain’s natural sleep-inducing neurotransmitter, GABA. Corydalis is a herb that promotes calm and relieves anxiety. Passion flower calms the central nervous system. Passion flower induces a restful and deep sleep free from frequent awakenings and disturbances.

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